Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hearts and More Hearts

All of my projects these past few days seem to have something to do with HEARTS.  I am participating in a Valentine swap so I had fun trying out a few ideas.
The first a heart shaped potholder was found on the Martha Stewart website here.
A fairly simple project made with fabric I had here at home.  I am not sure what the original plan for the fabric was but there is plenty more fabric and I hope to make a few more.

Next I made a linen sachet, embroidered with design from The Raspberry Rabbits block of the month design.  I have a link on my sidebar.  I also embroidered a block in blue for my block of the month quilt.

The sachet is filled with dried lavender we grew in our back yard.

My inspiration for the next project came from the January issue of the Romantic Homes Magazine.

My heart does not look much like the one pictured above but the article was my inspiration.

I used vintage lace, buttons, flowers and an old hymnal that is falling apart to create my heart.  I hope to try to make one or two more, this kind of project makes me stretch my creativity a little.
Happy Friday!

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  1. They are all very nice. I saw that tutorial for the Martha Stewart pot holder. That's as far as I got! LOL

  2. They are all adorable. I think I like your heart better than the one in the magazine!

  3. I love using old music for vintage crafts - your heart looks beautiful ~ the colors are so pretty.

  4. So beautiful and creative. I have missed stopping by the last week or so whle I have been sick so it was fun to see your hearts today. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your hearts are all so lovely! The last one reminds me of valentines that my grandmother used to have, ones she had saved from her childhood when they would make them so special with a lot of detail....beautiful!

  6. I have some older hymnals that need repurposing. Love that last heart. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sherry, I love your hearts. Yours looks better than the magazine's!

  8. Oh Sherry, I am over the moon giddy, happy and squealing like a little school girl over my swap box. I adore everything so much; truly everything and I feel so special to be the recipient of your handmade gifties. What a nice blog you have. And I enjoyed your card and getting to know you. I will post a link to your blog on my sidebar so I can keep up with you. I will take some good pictures and post them on Valentines Day to share with everyone. Again thank you for your oh so thoughtful little surprises. Love, Mollye