Thursday, February 17, 2011

Je t'aime

I made a gift for my Valentine.  It is made from natural linen, it almost has a burlap look to it but much softer.  I had wanted to either stencil or embroider this french phrase for some time so I just went for it. 

This french endearment means "I love you my little cabbage"
This is not something I would normally call my husband (little cabbage) but I learned this in high school french class. We  used to say it to each other when we were dating and first married .  I think we thought it was fun to use a phrase that most people couldn't understand. (mon petit for a boy and ma petit for a girl)
I wrote the phrase on a piece of paper in my handwriting, transferred it onto the fabric with a red transfer pencil, then embroidered it with six strands of brown embroidery floss. 

I made the back of the pillow open  so that a pillow form could be inserted.  The two pieces of fabric overlap.

Several years ago my husband bought me this mug for Valentine's Day.

Here is my mug and his little pillow.
A fun and easy project.
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  1. How in the world did he find a mug that says that??? Cute that you guys have the saying though :)

  2. This is so pretty! I love French and handwriting and I love what you've done with the pillow and how personal it is.

  3. sweet! You always come up with the neatest projects.

  4. So adorable. What a cute and personal gift! I love how you kept the seems on the side. Excellent work!

  5. aw, love that story and well done on the pillow!

  6. Love this adorable pillow and the sentiment behind it. Maybe I could make one with I love you in shorthand. My husband wrote it on all my letters and my mother was the only one who could read it. Ha!

    New follower from Under the Table Dreaming.

  7. j'adore! c'est jolie!

    I am filing this away for inspiration. I love it.


  8. Thats so cute!! Great job on the embrodery! ~Jen @