Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kitchen's New Look - Step One

We have our new counter tops!
After much thinking and planning we have begun working on our kitchen.
Do you ever second guess yourself after making a rather important decision about something you cannot change your mind about?  We did.  That is over now, we both love the counters.
Here are some before pictures of our kitchen counters all ready for the template to be made for our new "Granite Transformation" counter tops.

Are you ready to see what it looks like now?

I love the new sink and faucet.
The faucet actually stays where it belongs when you move it from one side to the other  Our old faucet liked to pop back to where it wanted to be.

We replaced all of the "needed" items back on the counters and cluttered them up a little.  I think when we have completed the project I will "stage" a few pictures.
What we have learned after this process?
 1) Our cabinets desperately need paint. 
  We have already been to the paint store and gathered a stack of paint chips.
2)  The hardware does not match. 
We have been looking at ideas for changing out the hardware. 

 I would love to tell you that we will get on this right away but I am not sure that is how it will be. 

Step One down and a few more to go.
What do you think?

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  1. Very nice and pretty. I love the new counter tops. The kitchen is very cozy and clean looking. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Sherry, your kitchen counters look great! And I love all your heart creations. Lovely pillow with the shadow redwork. A friend here has things made by Indian ladies that is shadow work but it means something completely different. I want to make some sachets although I don't sew very well. I'm still gonna give it a try one of these days. Best wishes, Tammy P.S. I need to get organized too. I have drawers and cupboards that are disaster areas. :/

  3. sherry,
    I LOVE the counter tops...they are beautiful!!!
    Love you

  4. New counters make a huge difference, don't they? I know what you mean about the next step taking a while. Our next step involves removing wallpaper -- not sure our marriage can survive that!

  5. Beautiful counters. We have the tile counters per my wishes when we moved into my husband's grandparents' home a few years ago. I still love them, but I guess I'm out of date.

  6. I love the new counters!!! They are gorgeous!! :)

  7. Your kitchen is lovely, and I am envious! Love the counter tops. Ours are dreadful lol. May not be able to afford granite transformations but I hope to have them look better than they presently do one day.

    Good job!

  8. It looks so great! What a difference countertops make!

  9. Hi Sherry! I think your kitchen looks just beautiful! Your new counter tops are sooo pretty, and I love that teacup border up top! It's all so bright and cheery!...So nice to meet you. I'm glad you were able to pop over to my blog from lovely Sherry's. She's such a sweetheart. :)
    Have a fun day! Paulette

  10. Hi Sherry:
    I love your new countertops! They're beautiful.
    Happy Valentine's Day