Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mug Mat Swap

I am excited to share the beautiful mug mat made for me by DeeDee at DeeDee's CraftspotWe participated in a swap organized by Donna at Brynwood NeedleworksShe has a tutorial that we used in making our mug mats.  Every participant put their special touches on the mats they made.  First let me show you what Dee Dee sent me.

These three items were in my package.

Doesn't the tea cup look pretty on the mat.
I love the fabric rose pinned to the corner of the mat.

I had commented on the coasters DeeDee made while visiting her blog and I didn't know that she had already sent me one.

This is the pretty card she sent along inside the package.

Now I will show you a few pictures of the mug mat I sent to DeeDee

This project was great fun and I learned something new.  The best part is meeting a new creative friend.


  1. Your mug mat swap looks like it was lots of fun. The mat you made is so pretty. The mat you received is also pretty and the teacup is perfect with it. Happy swapping...

  2. They are both very lovely. I really enjoyed the mug mat swap. Are those crocheted hearts on the one you made?

  3. Both mats are gorgeous. The little extras DeeDee sent are also the card. Your design is awesome. Are the hearts crocheted? Beautiful work.

  4. These are so pretty, I love them and the teacup is totally precious. So nice to have visited your blog, Catherine x

  5. Yes, please tell a little more about the hearts on the mat you made. They are both so pretty and what a fun project to share! Thanks for sharing this post. You are so creative.

  6. Oh wow, how gorgeous, Sherry!!! Thank you so much for sharing all this beauty!!

  7. Hello from Michigan. I just discovered your very lovely blog. The mug matte are so very pretty. Did you crochet the wee hearts?? Or are they embroidery?? They are just perfect. Hugs judy