Thursday, February 3, 2011

Organize and Balance

I  read several blog posts in January with challenges to get organized.  I was so tempted to join in because I do know that I can accomplish so much more when my things are in order.

I did take the idea to heart and started by organizing a few drawers in my kitchen/dining room area.

Before - three very messy drawers

Now for the after pictures

I realize that looking at my "junk" drawers and desk drawer is not really exciting but these pictures are reminder to me that I have made steps toward organization.  YEAH!

Now my organization plan has come to an abrupt halt.
There too many other things going on, I will share them with you soon, but I will keep at it throughout the year while keeping my balance.
Another thing I have noticed while reading blogs are words chosen as inspiration words for the year.  I have chosen one of the words from Kathleen Ellis'  list
Of the 16 definitions of the word balance in the dictionary I read I chose this one
"A harmonious arrangement of parts or elements, as in design."

I want to balance every part of my life, work, church, prayer and bible reading, family, service, exercise (dog walking), decorating, sewing, needlework, gardening and of course organizing.   I musn't forge blogging and blog reading, that is often a tough one to balance.  I know that I won't always be able to keep my balance but I will be thinking about it as I make decisions and seek the Lord's guidance in all things. 
 Doesn't harmonious has a nice ring to it?

I have got to do some dog walking before it is dark, I can hear a little whimpering from an impatient dog.
I will be back to share something fun a little later.


  1. I love organized things. I know it doesn't always come easy for some, but you did an awesome job. If you ever need any help, let me know. I love organizing things.

  2. it's nice to know that I am not the only one with "junk" drawers....seeing yours organized makes me feel inspired to clean out mine. Who knows what I might be able to find in them if they were actually cleaned out and organized! :)